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WIG2 is an independent and neutral research institute with key competencies in health system research, health economic evaluation as well as Real-World-Evidence (RWE). Our research and project work is supported by a network of external advisors from science, medical practice and industry. Therefore, WIG2 closely cooperates with universities and medical professionals. The institute‘s main clients are ministries, health insurance funds and their associations as well as companies in the pharmaceutical and medical technology sectors. 

Our interdisciplinary teams combine profound knowledge of the German health care system and its regulatory and financing systems. Industry experience and a comprehensive understanding of current mathematical and health- economic methods as well as evidence-based medicine ensure the high quality of our work.


Health System Research

Projects e.g.: 

  • Expenditures in Health Insurance Funds
  • Prevention in the Morbidity-based Risk Structure Compensation Scheme (Morbi-RSA)
  • Regional Differences in Healthcare Effects
  • Monopolization 
  • Indicator-based Quality Measurement for Hospitals 
  • "Full Model" - Completion of the Disease Delection in the Morbi-RSA

Research-oriented Consulting

Projects, Services and Products e.g.: 

  • Innovation Funds
  • Expertise 
  • GKV-Benchmark (Tool for analysing and comparing key finance indicators of all german Health Insurance Funds) 
  • Qlinik (Tool for analysing hospital quality reports) 
  • Technology Transfer

Evaluation and Health Services Research

Projects, Services e.g.: 

  • Evaluation Concepts (Healthcare Innovations, e.g. Digital Health Applications)
  • Tariff Calculations 
  • Evaluation of Healthcare Programs, Contracts and Model Projects, Digital Health Applications (DiGA)
  • Health Economics and Outcomes Research / Real World Evidence (visit our english HE&OR-Site for further Information)

Analysis Tools

Software Tools enabling profund data analytics with focus on german health insurance funds. All tools developed and provided in cooperation with 4K Analytics.

  • GKV.Finanzbenchmark (Tool for analysing and comparing key finance indicators of all german Health Insurance Funds) 
  • GKV.Wettbewerbsstudie (Contains new data about regional market shares of german Health Insurance Funds)
  • GKV.Arzneimittelradar (Tool for analysing pharmaceutics/ drug use in germany)
  • Qlinik (Tool for analysing hospital quality reports in germany) 

WIG2 Institute Research Database

WIG2 (the Scientific Institute for Health Economics and Health System Research) has a research database of data on the healthcare use and resource consumption of about 4.5 million anonymous patients, insured under the Statutory Health Insurance in Germany. The data are representative with respect to age and gender distribution in Germany, allowing for longitudinal observation of these data from 2010 to 2019.

The WIG2 research database is anonymized to ensure that individual patients, health insurers, and healthcare providers cannot be identified retrospectively. Additional data protection measures in place ensure that no claims data will be transmitted, or analyses conducted, that narrow down results to individual health insurers, fewer than five insured individuals, individual regions smaller than federal states. The initial population to be analysed must include at least 100 insured patients.

The WIG2 research database contains information on the demographics of the insured (e.g., age, gender, residency by region) and on healthcare services and the associated costs of both outpatient and inpatient care, drug therapy, medical devices, and home health care.

All analyses on the WIG2 research database are performed exclusively by the WIG2 Institute. Data will not be transmitted to outside parties.

Specialist Events

Annual Experts' Circle e.g. to: 

  • Financing in the German Healthcare System 
  • Controlling in Health Insurances
  • Wound Care

Hackathon Formats:

  • HAP - Hackathon for Elderly Care


  • Scientific Approach and Interdisciplinarity 
  • Neutrality 
  • Progressivity 
  • Prompt and practical Solutions 
  • Continuous Development


  • Federal Ministries and Agencies in Germany
  • Health Insurances and their associations
  • Medical Providers
  • Healthcare Industry